Saturday, February 8, 2020

the Dawes Act & Indigenous

I am fairly certain that I did not grow up using the word indigenous.

I am certain that I don't use the word indigenous very often now.

But I am starting to ...

From my less than 5 minute Google search:

And this:

I am still at some sort of loss.  Of course I understand what the word means - I think I could effectively use it in a sentence but how does this impact me - why has this word caught my attention - why do I write about it today?

For several years I have been following a group of people.  This group of people are talking about God - Jesus - life in ways that speak to my heart.  I am not sure if there is ever a place for condemnation in the conversations about faith - but if there is - now is not that time for me.  I have mentioned before that I am in a deconstruction - reconstruction phase.

It can be a bit dangerous - just like any construction site - but to continue that metaphor something beautiful can rise up on the other side.

I should have been keeping a running list of how I stumbled onto most of these people.  While I cannot remember the exact order - I do remember that most all of the ones that I follow have written a book.

This week a former student of mine asked a question:

I feel quite sure you know how I answered his question.  And without debating the subject here - I think the best answer is what is the purpose of your reading?  We know that reading printed paper has amazing benefits - important  - etc....  But if the only way you are going to read that printed paper is to hear too - then for heaven's sake - Listen to a Book!!!

And that is what I do.  I listen while I drive and if the book I am listening to has thoughts that I want to forever remember - then I am going to buy the paper copy and start highlighting.  And that is exactly what has happen with indigenous.

But it also has another direct tie.  An ancestral tie that I did not even know about a year ago.  Remember my ancestors are from Tennessee and one of the first things I found - one of the things Judith (my mother) talked about was the Trail of Tears.

So indigenous people have been part of my unknown life always - now it is a life I know.

Let's see if I can get to the point of this post .....

What am I willing to do?

The devotional this morning from Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals prompted the post.  Today - February 8th marks the anniversary of the Dawes Act.  I failed to learn so much in the grade school & college history courses - I am constantly in re-learn mode.

The Google search for the Dawes Act is heartbreaking and almost confusing.   Part of the search phrases refer to the Dawes Act failing.  And I was finding myself being thankful that this legislation failed - sometimes I don't even process these crazy emotions ....  It failed because the US government did not succeed in assimilation of the indigenous people.  Ugh.

Good grief.  I was picturing a world where it failed and left the native people to their land - and things like the Trail of Tears would not have happened.

I don't want to get into a debate about those times and for me - white woman in 2020 can hear the long debate on the pros and cons.  But - I want to learn - I want to read - I want to listen (to the group I haven't listened to before).

Listen. Learn. Share.

I do think I grew up in a bubble.  I believe part of that was because I did not read while growing up.  I did not read well as a child and therefore I never wanted to read.  I am sure I used the phrase "I hate to read".  When I was expecting Son One - I had no choice.  With bedrest for 3 weeks - reading became interesting - I have never stopped.

Our Wednesday night ladies bible study class is reading and discussing a book:

The one on top - Glory Happening by Kaitlin B. Curtice.  I cannot recommend the book enough.  And the chapters are short and one can easily read one chapter a day as a devotional of sorts - or as my friend Andra did - read the entire book in one setting!   So much good in this book - such a learning platform for me.  

The author is also featured in another book:

This time it is the 2nd book - under the Common Prayer.  It is Daneen Akers' new book Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints.  One of the best books for finding a group of people all in one place to broaden the mind and speak to the heart.  You need a copy.

Now what ....

I am not sure.  I just know that I learn when I listen to people who love God and have a different life viewpoint than me.  I know that I grow as a person - that my capacity to love increases.  My awareness has a stronger alert feature -

Of course I went searching for Kaitlin on the social media platforms.  I found a post that broke my heart - Back in October she shared that the teacher at her kids school taught them the tomahawk chop and were all performing it together.

I have done that.  And it never occurred to me what it might even signify.  And here is the place that I simply do not want to go - as a white woman in Texas in 2020 - I cannot even argue with my native American friends - quite simply My opinion does not matter.

I think we have to be very careful about assuming what "we" mean when we do things - that may be all well and good but once we realize that it can be offensive - then we are in a place of deciding...

Do I continue down my path of not caring - or do I decide that I will Listen and Learn?

I don't need the tomahawk chop in my life - it plays no role whatsoever.  And if I am choosing to do that action at a football game - and it sends a message of ignorance - I surely do not want to be a part.

Kaitlin shared:

Remember, truth-telling isn't really fun.
It's hard as hell.
It produces anxiety.
It sits harder on these who are constantly dominated by lies.
But, opt-in.
It's your human duty.
And it's mine, too.
I think I need a section on this blog that shares books I have read and why reading them is a good thing.  Maybe my friend (former student) Jason - could get some good ideas along the way!

Thank you Kaitlin - for truth-telling - Thank you Daneen for writing an amazing book.  Thank you Shane Claiborne & Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove for Common Prayer that brings the events of our lives into a devotional space with God.

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Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.