Friday, November 22, 2019

Free Indeed

“I am chosen - not forsaken - I am who you say I am .... Who the Son sets free oh is free indeed”

A couple of weeks ago we had the amazing opportunity to witness 2 baptisms. And one of them left my son embracing his wife. It was one of my most favorite memories ever. 

I gave Daughter One a card that day. Here is my thought on baptism ... “Baptism is something you will always remember - it is one act in this God centered life that helps us think about & be reminded to pattern our lives after Jesus.”

We probably view baptism differently than each other. I am so completely okay with that. But sometimes we get so caught up in our own personal beliefs that we miss Hebrews 12:15.  

I believe that’s our biggest challenge. We are passionate & convicted of our beliefs but we cannot force or expect that for others.  In each of our lives we will hear and respond to God.  But in each response - it is a personal response. I am a child of God because God says I am. 

I’m a child of God because The Divine says I am. 

There’s not a rule book - not a requirement list - not a certain church - certain belief. You may believe that those things are important & necessary. I Love being around you - I love listening to your convictions - I love knowing the story of your life. But I want you to value the same in me. Don’t just love me because you think I agree with you. Love me for whatever I believe as I am doing for you. And yes I know - it’s not easy and both of us will be wrong at times. 

“You’re a child of God - you were chosen not forsaken God is for you not against you”

The lyrics of the song are based on John 8:36. Have you read John 8 lately? Oh my heavens - I feel like I’m reading a back & forth discussion that gets no where. For me I am not questioning Jesus at all - I really am free. 

But that’s the way this life is - messy and back & forth. But Love wins. We know that. I hope for the times when that knowledge of Love & who we are reminds us how to live this God centered life. In the end - we must be sure that no one misses out on grace. 

My friend Neal said to me today “We’re pretty serious about the love stuff” - we all should be - we can all LOVE BETTER. 

Yes we can.

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Photo One Cred:  Me!  Taken near the Hiwassee River near the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee - the home of my soul.

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.