Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Stoke, A Summer, A Baby

As you know my mom lives in a retirement home just up the street from our home in Graham.  During the first half of this year - I certainly did not "check on her" enough.  But that was okay - for 82 she is in great shape.  During those early months she was walking around 5 miles a day!  She was completely self sufficient and had it not been for her failing eye sight - she certainly could have been living "on her own".

The phone call came on a Friday afternoon.  I was at work trying to finish up many tasks because we were headed to our favorite vacation destination for the farewell concert of Elton John on Sunday.  The caregiver explained that my mom had been resting all afternoon and now she did not want to get up for supper.  That behavior was quite unusual for her - she never slowed down.  I told them I would be there soon.  I tried to finish my work - but simply could not.

As it turned out - I never got to hear these lyrics in person.

I am listening as I write this - oh how I love his music.  slowly.... hold me closer tiny dancer....his piano skills - wow.

I went ahead and left work.  I remember saying to Kerry that I was really bothered and I realized I had reviewed one work order for invoicing no less that 5 times.  So I left the lake and went to her apartment.  

She was laying on her bed - her eyes looked really strange - and she did not know who was talking to her.  I called the ambulance - on a non 911 emergency because I was convinced it was a UTI or dehydration - or you know something "normal for the elderly".  The local ER quickly diagnosed a brain bleed behind her left eye and recommend care flight for her trip to United Regional in Wichita Falls.  And Kerry and I headed to WF - to the ER - to a confirmation of the brain bleed from a  CT performed by one of our dear friend's girlfriend - to a locum doctor being on call in the ER - and less than 15 minutes to make a decision for surgery.

Any surgery is difficult - but for an 82 year old I suspect it is even greater.  But we knew we had to give her a chance - she was in great physical shape and we wanted to give her every opportunity to return to that state.  

Dr. Theodore Spinks was simply the best of a horrible situation.  He was scheduled to leave town the next morning and around midnight he performed a craniotomy on my mom.  We saw him after the successful surgery - and never again.  I don't know if he continues to work at United Regional as a Locum - or if he is on to other facilities.  But I do know and believe that it was simply a divine intervention that he was there that day.  

First picture after her surgery.  The dressing stayed on for 48 hours.  Today I notice how tired my eyes were!

She spent Mother's Day at the rehab hospital.

Not the best picture - Son One's eyes are closed, DIL is saying something, the 2 grands look perfect as always - but I want to remember and capture that incision area.  Oh my word!  She NEVER took any pain medication!  And the stitches were the kind that dissolve - Dr. Spinks' surgical skills are phenomenal.  
Bless her - she aged so much during those few weeks.

Mother's Day 2018 with 2 of her grandsons at the rehab hospital in WFalls.

Summer is the busiest time of year at our office.  That of course makes sense - it is when everyone wants to enjoy their PK lake home!  This year was different - Kerry is the sole proprietor and I was the bookkeeper (a completely new role for me).  We worked some very long hours - not alone - we have an amazing crew of people.  But since we spent May going back and forth to Wichita Falls to check in on my mom - June continuing to check at least 2 times a day while she was in the next level care area of the retirement home - it wasn't easy.  As a company we had the best month - ever - in our history and we are so proud to continue this 50+ family business.

She moved back into her apartment around the middle of July.  And in August we celebrated 32 years!

I almost forgot to mention....  

During the craziness of the Summer of 2018 - the precious ones lived with us!  A house was sold and before the signatures could happen on the new one - they had to have a place to sleep!  We had so much fun!  It is a great feeling to come home to family! 

Then this happened....

But of course it wasn't without a bit of fear...  notice who is missing in this photo - the mom!  We first saw the baby as Son One was holding him in the nursery.  Our precious Daughter One lost 40% of her blood after his birth and was being cared for immediately after the birth.  The unknown was frightening - but she rallied - the doctor took great care and she was holding and caring for that precious baby within a couple of hours.  

After my Picking Grapes adventure at Cathedral Mountain Vineyard - I shared pictures of those precious grandchildren and a friend said...

You should be so happy to be surrounded by them - 

A Stoke, A Summer, A Baby = God's protection, God's provision, God's miracle all wrapped in Love.

Cannon James Groves with is dad, his Mimi, and his DJ. Doesn't she look great!
(Lance Cannon Groves, Cheryl Cannon Groves, Jeanette Adams Cannon)

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.