Tuesday, November 15, 2016

From Eggs to ..... Segregation

I feel quite sure that the title of this blog is a bit much.

I agree.

But I looked at my previous post from May (seriously where in the world was I for the last several months?  I know I have had other things to write about....) - and the topic was diet and how to live a healthier life.  I love talking about food and how it can truly be the best medicine - or food can most certainly be the worst thing for you too.

We enjoy supplements at our house - and we each take a few but one of the things that we really take a stand for is the power & impact of essential oils.  Many don't acknowledge the historical relevance of essential oils - but they have been around - forever.

Yes essential oils have been around for a long time. And I contend if we questioned the OTC (over the counter) stuff as much as we question EOs - we all would be in much better shape.  I enjoy diffusing oils as I write - clears the air - clears my thoughts - just makes the room more pleasant.  Very similar to candles - without the potential irritation from the chemicals of a candle.

Valor is one of my favorite to diffuse and this essential oil was given to me by dear friends when my father passed away this past July.  That is a blog entry for another day - but Valor -

"empower the physical & spiritual bodies - helps us overcome opposition so we can stand tall during adversity..."

That is the real topic of this entry for today.

I will begin with a caveat.  I have no earthly idea how to be politically correct - no earthly idea  how to express things in a manner in which is appropriate for today - I am pretty much clueless but I know what my heart feels - and that is how I will write.

I recently found out that when I was growing up in the small, small town in Texas there was an understood expectation that we would be an all white town.  I find it hard to refute that claim since there were not any black families and very, very few hispanic people.  And decades later I found out that my dear, best friend wasn't always treated very well because she was white & hispanic.  I honestly had NO CLUE.  After all her parents & mine were the best of friends - really.  We would spend holidays together - play board games - cook - eat - share our homes when the water would freeze at the other.  Seriously - the best of friends.

Couple that reality of mine with my naive view and one comes up with a person who is just pretty clueless about race and the societal differences.  I have written about this all before - several entries in this blog have been about civil rights, racism, hatred, prejudice - those are the words I have used before.

But our world is different now.  Even in the short time since I wrote the first entry on this topic.  Not to be melodramatic - but hate is literally everywhere.  Oh I think it is easy to feel like we should all just move past the rhetoric that is in the news - move past all the assumptions about leaders - move past that feeling that our world has changed.

I mean - after all when the first black person was elected as President 8 years ago - we moved past it all - right?  Of course do I really want to "move past" the conversations that happen when we are running for the office and then the change once we are in the office - which of those words are the true words?  

With the opportunity that the media gives us - we don't move past anything at all.  We don't leave well enough alone - we don't stop - we don't pause - we just keep on.  At our home we say "being a bull in a china cabinet".

I feel like we have bulls everywhere  - from all the different pastures and this china cabinet of a world is crashing.

I know a bit melodramatic.  Is it really crashing in the little Texas town that I live in now?  Oh it did - for a few weeks when we battled the sale of alcohol and who we might support for President.

There are many of us who speak of love.  But many of us only want to speak of love for our viewpoint.

But we can only move on if we face the realities of our world as it is today.  We must see things for how they really are - then we can heal, grow, move toward ....  We do have differences - but we are called to love each person - including those ones that we cannot find a quick common ground - it is then that we need to search.

For me this journey has gone into overdrive this fall.  I have found Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter friends that have helped me to open my eyes to the reality that this world is just different.  I refuse to be uneducated - refuse to be naive (any more than I already am...) - refuse to use this space as only a spot for not so controversial topics....

We live in a segregated world.

My challenge to you is the same challenge that I have given myself - LEARN.  Read.  Listen.  Even to the things that you think you don't agree with.  Of course - be an educated learner and challenge your thoughts - challenge the thoughts of others - make sure that they match up with an authority.

For me the authority is the Bible - Jesus -

Here is the map for my journey - please share your thoughts!  Find me on Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - and at my professional site - Dr. Cannon Groves.

Wonderful Netflix Original that sets the stage for our current state of affairs.

Shane's books are worth your time and a bonus to understanding.
From the book "Irresistible Revolution" 

This book will change your mind FOREVER.  Bryan is also a guest in the Netflix 13th Film.
This is the book I am currently reading.... Michelle Alexander is amazing & also featured in 13th. 

There are many - many more books to read - articles to find - and people to follow ----- here are a few of the people that I follow on Twitter and Instagram:

Latasha Morrison - "Be The Bridge"

Jen & Brandon Hatmaker
This book will WRECK your comfortable world!!!  It is a perfect read.

Austin Channing

Those are just a few - there are more.  #ShaneClaiborne, #TheSimpleWay, #RedLetterChristians - too many to list here.  #drhopelyn - #SPLC - #PopeFrancis #RickAtchley #TheNewJimCrow - #annvoskamp  #maxlucado - the list can go for a while.....

I want to learn more - I want to understand how it must feel to see our current political system and our world as completely far away from where we should be headed.

We should be headed toward Love.  Every day - in every way - in dealing with each other.

I know I am not naive any longer  (still a bit awkward in this quest) --- but I am heart broken.  This hate must go - love must prevail.

That begins with me.  What about you?

They have always taught me of Love.
His prayer - that he said every time - even until the end was "Thank you Father for loving us."  He knew love - he gave love - he taught love.  He would not understand the hate - and he would just want Jesus for all of us.  

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bone broth, NingXia Red, & No Eggs!

I love eggs.

Fried, scramble, deviled, not so much raw - but just about any other way I truly enjoy.  Since I eat a diet void of gluten - eggs come in pretty handy.  I enjoy them.

I found out this week that I have a sensitivity to eggs and I have been told to avoid them ...... for at least 2 months.

We have new non stick pan just for eggs!

So during this endeavor to figure out the egg part - I also have been searching for true healthy foods - foods that can keep a body above the wellness line.  

Bone broth is one of those foods.  So I made some today.  I used my Instant Pot with 2 cooked whole chicken bones, an onion, some carrots, and some celery.  

The bone broth was surprisingly good & comforting!

My other staple at our house is a juice made from the Wolfberry or Goji berry - called NingXia Red.  It is a special product from the Young Living line of supplements.  

One of my favorite ways to have NingXia Red is with kombucha tea - but Kerry & I each have about 2 ounces a day - first thing in the morning.  Our belief is that it helps us stay above that wellness line (oh and it tastes really good!).

NingXia Red can supplement your wellness regimen in so  many ways!

Wellness is certainly a journey.  

I am reminded that our "bodies are the temple".  I haven't always taken this approach to eating.  I loved fried _____________ (fill in the blank - they are pretty much all my favorites).  Now that I have had various issues with foods and sensitivity - I am on a quest to learn as much as I can about the foods we eat. Sometimes I think it is a curse to have these sensitivities - but in reality it is a blessing.  I honestly believe that the "junk" is not good for anyone - I am just fortunate that it bothers me quickly and gives me encouragement to change the way I am eating. 

I told a friend the other day that I am wise enough to realize that not everyone will view things the way I do and respectful enough to not be judgmental in my presentation of thoughts & ideas.  I can say though - my thoughts come with research - reading, listening, watching.

Netflix is a great place to find documentaries on food and health and eating.

Three of my favorite that have made a positive impact on our lives are (at least to date - I am hoping there are even more to watch....)

This film helped us decide to juice, juice, juice!!!

My friend said that everyone should watch this film.  The ending is almost the best.  LOVE really does matter!!!

I am actually watching this one right now - and I had to pause and finish this blog entry.  I was almost in tears -----  what some farmers put in our food just makes me sad.  I know they do it so they can make money - I get that part - I know they do it because of mass production.  But it is still very troubling.

We are on a wellness journey.  

Links to shows:

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Caring, Listening, Advocating....

The care of a parent is certainly not always easy - and on many days it is simply an internal conflict.  Even though we know that children may have to care for their parents - it is still a role reversal that is at best difficult.

Not a bad difficult - or at least not a bad difficult for me.

But it is just different sometimes.

I remember that my dad took care of his mom.  Grandma Cannon's children took turns staying with her at her house in 1985 before they moved her to a nursing home.    I am glad I saw my parents take care of Grandma Cannon - I am glad I went with them.  I never knew it would come full circle.  My boys watch and help us with their grandparents (my parents) - I feel certain that will come full circle too.

Grandma & Grandpa Cannon

Recently my dad got really sick.  I have written or said that statement many, many times.  But each time I find myself getting weary - and impatient a little sooner.  That isn't fair to anyone - myself and the staff at Horizon Bay suffer when I choose to not take a deep breath and work through his situation.  It is most difficult to help a parent when they are sick and when we perceive that they cannot tell us what is going on.  

But my dad really can tell me when he is sick - I just don't always "listen."

Isn't that a challenge we all face?  We must "listen" - and many times we simply don't.

Do we listen to our bodies?

Do we listen to our inner voice?

Do we listen to our loved ones?

Do we listen to what God is saying to us?

Every elderly person needs an advocate.  Each of us need to "listen" to the ones we care for.

This time when he got sick (and I finally decided to listen.....and convince others to help me) - I decided to share my love for Essential Oils with my dad.

Young Living - EO Joy I often times wear but this time I diffused it in my dad's apartment.  I wanted Joy to permeate the room - I wanted Joy to be felt when we were in his room - when others were in his room.  My dad has always shared his Joy of Jesus with others - and while he cannot say everything now as he would like - I can share for him.  

I also know that frankincense was an oil that was given to the baby Jesus.  That thought brings comfort to me.  While I may not know the exact reason that the Magi brought the baby frankincense - I know it must have been to help Mary care for him - 

So I mixed up a lotion of coconut oil with EOs frankincense & purification.  

I certainly cannot diagnose or treat any of his conditions - but I can share the Joy of essential oils with him - and share the oil that even Jesus received as a gift!  There is something so refreshing about that thought.

Since he has been sick off and on for a few months - it has been a while since my dad smiled.....

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ms. Lisa -

This whole death and dying thing......

I am just not sure.

Oh I really know but when it happens - there's just a moment (and that moment may be 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days....) that I don't even know what to do with myself - my emotions - and how I feel.

And I have to talk to find my way.

I am married to someone who would say "And I have to reflect (in silence) to find my way."

Makes me laugh just to write that - Kerry and I are so different.

But in the midst of our grief - I learn once again that while we may be really different - God knew what he was doing in January of 1983 and we met - and then almost 30 years ago we married.  But that is another blog - for another day.

Today we find ourselves in the middle of that death and dying process all over again.

He prayed for her every day - with every meal.  The prayer was "And Jesus heal Lisa."

The preacher on Wednesday afternoon said that he just knew that Jesus would heal Lisa and we would all talk about how awesome God was and how He healed her and how wonderful life is.

Then he said - and here we are - talking about how awesome God is - how wonderful our lives are - and yes  - He did heal her.

I met her Aunt Penny at the service.  Penny said - that smile was just a smile of Life.  Yes - even in this picture with Kerry and me - she has a smile of Life.  

It is so difficult to get all of this down in written form so that it makes sense.  From February 3 - February 16 we thought of all the things we could do for her at what we thought would be a couple of months to enjoy.  Concerts to attend - dinners to have - pictures to take....

On February 17, February 18, February 19 all I could do was cry.  I wasn't alone - there were others but that precious husband who likes his silence - would just watch me tear up and then just listen.

Nephew Three, Daughter One, Sweet Baby One, and I went to see her on the evening of the 19th.  I know she knew we were there.  I could see her in her eyes - ever so once in a while - the realization that we were there.  Kerry and Son One had to work late - she would understand that completely.  I wonder how many times in the last 8 years did she check off their time from those late, late evenings on PK Lake?  I prayed for her one more time - knowing that is precisely what Kerry would want to do too.  

We knew for just a short time.  She received the diagnosis in October - took a few rounds of chemo - that did not work - and then she was gone.  

This death and dying thing makes little sense to me and I have grown up immersed in people and being around death - and I get that with Jesus we have victory.  But it is sure hard to truly process.  

But I know - without any doubt - she would choose heaven all over again - every single day. 

I want to talk about heaven more - we are only passing through - 

Thankful - she passed through in the places where we are.  

Lisa Dawn Acker
August 30, 1970 - February 20, 2016

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.