Monday, September 22, 2014

But What If?

Where have I been?

I am retired.  Don't I at least have time to write?

Now it all makes sense - one is busier when they retire.

So I must share many things with you.  Much has happened this summer and now at the beginning of fall.  I certainly survived the summer at Groves Mechanical.  Son Two worked with us and Nephew Three worked some and concentrated on his preparation for Graham Steer football.  I am so proud of the work he put in - and BTW - hard work pays off! (There can be a whole blog entry for that!)

Thank you Mirus Studio for this wonderful picture of Nephew Three & Me!

My parents are still thriving at Horizon Bay in Graham.  I am so blessed by the wonderful place that we have just 5 minutes from my home.  Son One got married in May and my friend Sarah took some great pictures for us before the wedding.

Thank you Sarah!  Nephew Three, Son One, Son Two with D.J. & Grandad

While much has happened over the summer - one aspect of this journey has not changed.

That's the aspect of learning more and more about LOVE.

I believe that I felt love while growing up.  In fact I know I did.  But I don't remember church conversations about love.

I wonder when it is really going to sink in.

Am I really willing to believe and act upon love being the greatest?

Do I want to live a life that is evident by knowing that love is all that matters?

How do I love that way?

Do you remember when I shared with you about Ms. Love? < Our Dancing With The Stars is the location of that story.>

Me & Ms. Love (I truly cannot take selfies!)

The day that picture was taken she asked me to sit with her.  That was just a short time before she became unable to ever ask me that again.

Why does this love thing hurt so much when people are not here like they were?

But what if I had not loved Ms. Love?

Oh I would have missed out!

Since August 16, 2014 we have had a love hurt place for 3 above the age of 75 and for 2 below the age of 40.

And I found myself with tears for each one.

But what if?

Mrs. Peggy - I knew you when I was just a little girl.  I loved you for many, many years.  And you loved my family.   
Shane - I always thought of you as one of my favorite students.  You made me laugh.  I loved you - do you know that?  Did I really ever tell you? 
Ms. Alma (aka Ms. Love) - I have only known you since February.  But every time  we talked we said "I love you" 
Nik - my boys adored you.  You were their larger than life hero.  I can still remember asking them how they even knew you (because we were watching you play basketball and I kept hearing all about Nik Hobson) - you would have taught me about love - that's evident by what I have learned about you through your leaving.  You are my inspiration now.  I am listening - keep reminding me.   
Mr. Evans - My dad loved you.  My dad and you showed how one can love and never speak a word. The bond that you two shared in Jesus transcends even audible language.  I know you are well - and I am thankful.  I too loved you.  

But what if I had not loved each of these?

I am not trying to play the guilt card.  I refuse to feel guilty about something I simply cannot change but I do think it is perfectly fine - and in this case - the right thing for me to do - to learn more about love.

If I adore someone - I should tell them!  If I love someone - I should tell them!  If love matters then I must live it.

But what if?

My friend Sarah with Shane at a Chamber Event

Nik - picture taken by my dear friends at Mirus Studio - Kelly & Michael

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.