Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Birthday Month Begins!

If today is the first of my birthday month - then we have just celebrated Son One's birthday.

Daughter One, K5, Son One on is 25th Birthday

A cool gift he received was the book Happy by Pharrell - it is a wonderful book - with a wonderful personal message at the back.  It is probably intended for children - and he encourages them to spread "happy" in all places.

I think we can all do that.... spread happy.

Nephew Three, Son One, Son Two
Recently on social media platforms users have used the month of November to document reasons they are thankful.  I wish we took the same time and wrote our "thank yous".  I miss the old fashioned thank you note sent through the mail.  I guess that is partly because as a child growing up - I loved getting mail and I loved to write.

So rather than just sit back and wish we all did it differently - I will quit talking about it and actually do just that.....

Want to join me?

Let's celebrate My Birthday Month - with old fashioned, hand written Thank You Notes!

The note I will write today is a message to the leadership of LIFE.  We had a wonderful time at their Major convention in October and listened to their reason for developing this company.  Their purpose is to provide life changing information to people.  It isn't something most of us haven't heard before - but it is something that we cannot get our hands on every day in a simple convenient way.  Through LIFE we can access motivation material (material that helps us spread Happy) - on our phones, in our cars, and in books we read.

All of us at Ruby Falls near the Tennessee / Georgia line.

As with much of my life - things seem to come full circle.  Just a few years ago in 1982 I went to a leadership convention in Atlanta Georgia as part of the National Future Homemakers of America.  We got to take the incline rail up Look Out Mountain.  I remember that trip - it was so much fun and so inspirational for that 17 year old Perrin High School student.  I felt like my view of the world - just got smaller and things that I thought were outside my reach were easier to imagine.

I got to ride that incline rail again.....

This time with my family.  

We even found a set of pictures from that time before.

All of this makes me want to ask - what are we doing today that will come full circle in our future?

I am so thankful that my parents sought to find a way for me to learn about so many different things when I was growing up.  My mom will share today that she wanted me to have a view of the world and realize that whatever I wanted to do - I could do.  That summer that I went to Georgia - was also the summer I went to Brazil.  My parents encouraged me to learn and grow and see the world and the possibilities that lie within that world as something within reach. 

During that summer I attended a state leadership conference and submitted an article to our state FHA magazine.  

What my mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
~Michael Broome~

I think another Thank you note will be to Mr. Broome.  That quote has certainly made a difference in my life -

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.