Friday, February 20, 2015

Year of the Goat?

I first learned about the Chinese New Year when I went to Vegas about 16 years ago. Our first Vegas trip was a learning experience on many levels.  We learned how to play cards - learned how to walk and walk and walk - and learned about the Chinese New Year.

We tend to go to Vegas around the same time each year (unless we are celebrating a birthday) so we have the opportunity to celebrate the Chinese New Year each year.

Well celebrate isn't exactly what we do - but we do enjoy the beautiful decorations that the hotels will create.  The Bellagio has the most amazing displays.

This year's trip was for Son Two's birthday (which is actually in July - but we celebrated in January)

We will try to stay at The Linq next year.  Near the casino is a jumbo camera and you can take your picture as you walk by.  The Linq was formerly The Imperial Palace.

Son Two (and everyone but me....) rode a ZipLine down Freemont Street.

This week there seems to be several opportunities to learn about dates and calendars.  This week also included Ash Wednesday.

When I googled "Chinese New Year" and "Ash Wednesday" both instances showed links to "Things to Know About....."  We are certainly a society that likes to know about so many things.  Sometimes that knowledge gets all jumbled up and we forget to "know" about the things in life that are really important.

The Chinese New Year is important to a billion people and I would suspect that Ash Wednesday is important to almost that many too.  Both are significant times for people to reflect on certain things.  Both are interesting to me.

I also find it even more interesting that this year they occurred in the same week.

But after writing this I will not think too much more about The Chinese New Year but I will try to remember Ash Wednesday.  

My college roommate is a practicing Catholic and she doesn't really know this but my admiration for her goes so deep (perhaps she knows now!).  First of all you must know that I pretty much prayed for her before I knew her but God forgot to hear all of my prayer.  I would have NEVER prayed for my college roommate to be a Catholic.  I grew up during a time period when Evangelical Christians were basically scared of the Catholic faith and therefore did a great job of sharing false teachings about the Catholic faith. 

I have a sincere respect for Regina - a sincere respect for how she was raised - and recognize that she loves Jesus and serves Him each day of her life.  Our worship may look different from the outside but the inside is just the same.  

Regina's MIL lives in Perrin and is one of my mom's best friends (all happened after we originally met on the TSU lawn)  Regina brought her MIL to Graham to see my mom and we got to visit!

Regina emailed me the other day and she said... "I think it is so amazing how like minded we are.  It was no accident on the lawn at TSU that day."

Well of course not - I had been praying for a lifetime for us to be roommates.

It may take me a few days but I will come up with my practices for Lent.  I like to participate in the traditional "giving something up" practice.  I feel quite sure that I do not practice as my friend might - but I think as long as grow in my walk and relationship with Jesus then I am on the right path.

That's what new years and new seasons should be all about.... They should be about growing and worshiping and learning more and more about this life of following Jesus.  

Take a look at the website from this internet picture - some interesting things to consider! 

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.