Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Snake Bit - All in a Definition

Yes - it is a real concern.  A snake bite - from a copperhead nonetheless.

He was in the backyard playing fetch with the dog.  He at first thought it might have been a stinging scorpion but as the copperhead slithered away - he knew the cause of the sting.

Fortunately Son Two was home and within 5 minutes they were at the emergency room.

He was dressed in shorts and flipflops.  He did not realize the dangers that could be hidden in the grass.  He was doing something he enjoyed - and something our dog enjoyed.  What are the parallels to our walk with Jesus?  Are we sometimes not "dressed" appropriately for the journey?  Do we have scriptures hidden in our hearts so they are always with us?  There are of course dangers hidden in our walk with Jesus - so are we prepared for the dangers along our path?  Even sometimes when we are doing things we enjoy - and it doesn't seem as if there are events, places, people, activities that can hurt us - are we prepared just in case they do?

As it turned out arriving at the ER within five minutes made the difference.  GRMC was able to keep him here in town and treat his bite.  They marked the area and watched the venom move slowly up his foot.

Sometimes those dangerous events we land in the middle of make a mark on us - sometimes the mark doesn't slow (his did - it only went up the pinky toe and just slightly into the foot) and sometimes it becomes part of who we are.  

The doctor ordered Anti-venom - 4 vials.  Anti-venom can cost as much as $3500 a vial.

There are always consequences and many times remedies.  Both of which can be financially costly as well as costly to our emotional well being.  

He is blessed - within 3 days he was back at work and given a full release.

Yes he was snakebit - he experienced some "bad luck" - it could have been worse - however he could not predict the consequences - he could not alter the consequences.  He was in the hands of a medical team that made those decisions and in his case it worked for him.  But there are many places that the events could have gone "south".  

He was in a tremendous amount of pain for about 12 hours - a severe pain that the first choice of pain medicines would not even touch.  Being "snakebit" hurts - and the pain is very real.  


I truly understand that term now.... snakebit - and it is always used with someone recognizing that they don't want to end up in the position again.  I know that he is watching closely where he steps - we all are and we don't wear flipflops in our yard!!

But we also need to be ever mindful of those dangerous places in our pathway that have very little to do with copperheads and flipflops.

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.