Saturday, March 19, 2016

Caring, Listening, Advocating....

The care of a parent is certainly not always easy - and on many days it is simply an internal conflict.  Even though we know that children may have to care for their parents - it is still a role reversal that is at best difficult.

Not a bad difficult - or at least not a bad difficult for me.

But it is just different sometimes.

I remember that my dad took care of his mom.  Grandma Cannon's children took turns staying with her at her house in 1985 before they moved her to a nursing home.    I am glad I saw my parents take care of Grandma Cannon - I am glad I went with them.  I never knew it would come full circle.  My boys watch and help us with their grandparents (my parents) - I feel certain that will come full circle too.

Grandma & Grandpa Cannon

Recently my dad got really sick.  I have written or said that statement many, many times.  But each time I find myself getting weary - and impatient a little sooner.  That isn't fair to anyone - myself and the staff at Horizon Bay suffer when I choose to not take a deep breath and work through his situation.  It is most difficult to help a parent when they are sick and when we perceive that they cannot tell us what is going on.  

But my dad really can tell me when he is sick - I just don't always "listen."

Isn't that a challenge we all face?  We must "listen" - and many times we simply don't.

Do we listen to our bodies?

Do we listen to our inner voice?

Do we listen to our loved ones?

Do we listen to what God is saying to us?

Every elderly person needs an advocate.  Each of us need to "listen" to the ones we care for.

This time when he got sick (and I finally decided to listen.....and convince others to help me) - I decided to share my love for Essential Oils with my dad.

Young Living - EO Joy I often times wear but this time I diffused it in my dad's apartment.  I wanted Joy to permeate the room - I wanted Joy to be felt when we were in his room - when others were in his room.  My dad has always shared his Joy of Jesus with others - and while he cannot say everything now as he would like - I can share for him.  

I also know that frankincense was an oil that was given to the baby Jesus.  That thought brings comfort to me.  While I may not know the exact reason that the Magi brought the baby frankincense - I know it must have been to help Mary care for him - 

So I mixed up a lotion of coconut oil with EOs frankincense & purification.  

I certainly cannot diagnose or treat any of his conditions - but I can share the Joy of essential oils with him - and share the oil that even Jesus received as a gift!  There is something so refreshing about that thought.

Since he has been sick off and on for a few months - it has been a while since my dad smiled.....

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.

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