Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thinking of Heroes....

Hero must have been on the minds of many this weekend.  Son One posted a picture with his grandad and referenced heroes.

My dad with Son One.  I love this picture - my dad just looks so happy.  Son One is his oldest grandson.  The memories they have are just amazing.

This thought of heroes is a fun one to think of - it is even fun to think about heroes being famous people - athletes - movie stars - and a whole host of others.  I am not so sure that I have ever thought who my heroes might be.  But like Son One - I would probably go with people like my dad, my mom - several of Kerry's family too - mostly people that to me are "real".  

And I guess if I had to really search my heart - I might say Jesus.  And after a weekend experience I will always say that - Yes - Jesus is my hero.

  1. A person, typically a man, who is admired for courage or noble qualities.

We were at my favorite car dealership.  I have bought 4 cars with this group of people.  They are so easy to work with - and it is not the typical car buying experience.  I still remember the first time I was there.  We were on our way to a football game in Arlington - the second time with my sister in law during one of the PK Fires - the third time was this past fall - and this past weekend I went so that we could find a car for my mom.

This was the view we had when we could hear her conversations with the salesperson.  We heard everything - quiet she wasn't.  And that salesman made a million trips to and from trying to make the deal she wanted.  At one point she said something about "Uncle Charles" - then she mentioned that  "Uncle Charles" was not really her uncle.  The salesman said...well Jesus.

I could stop right there and many of us would be bothered by the slang reference to Jesus when he in fact wasn't truly referring to Jesus.  However it got much worse for me....

She said....

Let's don't bring him (Jesus) into it....He (Uncle Charles) has been more of a hero today than Jesus ever will be.

Tears immediately.

Every prayer since then - I have included her.

Absolutely breaks my heart.

As we drove that car for my mom today - on the radio was this song....

Your Love Never Fails

Thankful.... His love - never fails. And that same love that I know - that I have every day with me is the same love that will welcome her.

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.

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  1. Jesus is at the top of my hero list. So grateful he was selfless and died on the cross to save be a hero to all those who will repent and trust in Him.
    And I believe at different times in our lives God provides us with people that rescue us. They display heroic behaviour.
    I remember an instance on my life.....brief as it may have been.....when you displayed heroic actions for me. Our small acts of kindness can save someone! You are a ray of sunlight. Your kindness will never be forgotten!