Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Trees.....

Kerry mentioned – I guess we are what you call “non traditional” when it comes to Christmas trees?
That perhaps is the understatement.

Kerry’s family has always spent Thanksgiving at their ranch in the hill country.  It is a beautiful time for family and hunting BUT it also does not lend time to put up a Christmas tree.  So after 25 years I have managed to still not know when I should put up a tree and this year we did not. 

One year we had a “horn tree” – well actually we have had 3 of those.  But in December of 2004 – we were living at the Concrete House (have a shared why we called it the concrete house?) and getting ready to move to Mimosa.  Our home on Mimosa has elk horns everywhere – and that year we had piled the horns in the corner of our small living room and we just tossed the packages on top of the pile.  Then for two years (not necessarily in a row) we had a horn tree that Kerry created.

This is one of the horn trees looking down from our upstairs

Then notice I am not afraid to use a ladder for a tree.  In 2009 we were watching Son two play football until the weekend before Christmas – so there just wasn’t any time in my crazy world so I made a Graham Steer tree.  However I must not have managed to really get a picture of just the tree – so here’s Niece & Nephew two in front of the tree! (and he even has his eyes closed!)

In 2010 it was a real tree with a cowboy hat on top……

Actually one of my favorites....Can you see the black cowboy hat?

And this year was perhaps the most unusual (and quite the the least time consuming...) – I asked Son two to draw me a picture of a tree – and in about 5 minutes this is what I had:

I am in the market for a 10-12 foot artificial tree – that I want to leave up all year around.  We have plenty of room in the living room – now to see if we can find one that is reasonable in cost!  The part I like best is that my family has always been okay with our lack of tradition for a Christmas tree.  They are such good hearted, understanding men – for those 3 I am thankful (and yes that is my next blog….)

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.

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