Monday, March 13, 2017

Purchase the Clay

While the general idea started many, many years ago - maybe even when I read this book....

I feel quite sure somewhere in that book the author talks about Lemonade Stands and children selling things on the neighborhood corner.

But what if the children live in the country?  I will answer that in just a moment.

I am dedicated to Podcasts!

I have just a few to listen to - my favorites right now are:

**Malcolm Gladwell - Revisionist History (so incredibly good)
**The Wealthy Contractor
**The Minimalists Podcast
**Austin New Church
**And ....

**Blue Babies Pink

It is the Blue Babies Pink podcast that actually prompted this blog entry.  I was driving home - listening to Brett Trapp and my phone dropped on the floor, about that time - the episode ended - and because I am somewhat technology challenged - the podcast did not advance to the next episode.  And Brett's story is captivating - so I desperately wanted to keep listening for the next 10 minutes.

In the meantime -

2 boys, holding a sign, with a cart - obviously selling something on the side of the road - in the country - away from the advantages of the typical lemonade on the corner business opportunity.

For a while now our family has subscribed to the philosophy of stopping at any of those neighborhood business franchises that we encounter.  We just believe in the entrepreneur spirit.  Sometimes we just donate money - sometimes we purchase (and never eat or drink because we did not really want sugared red koolaide) - and sometimes one comes home with clay.

So I turned around - picked up the phone while I was stopped safely on the side of the road - headed back to the 2 boys selling clay and continued listening to Brett.

Brett's story isn't something I ever dreamed I would want to hear.

I grew up in such a sheltered - controlled - perhaps a bit unrealistic world.

Brett grew up in a very similar world.  In fact at one point in time I suspect that we lived less than an hour from each other.

Brett's podcast is worth your time.  I share that with a slight hesitation - you will need to be more open minded than perhaps you are now.  You must be okay to laugh, hurt, cry, and worry all the while listening to a friend share their story.  You will benefit from truly grasping that Jesus is about Love.  And his requirement of us is Love.  And at the end of the day - that is probably all I really want to be about - is love.

And a disco ball.

Yes - Kerry is teaching Sunday School this next week - his lesson might just be entitled:

Are you a wall, a mirror, or a disco ball?

I strive to be that disco ball.

I strive to purchase clay, sugared drink, cookies from a package - from any kid I see setting up shop (and the same goes for those that have the courage to come to my door selling some school stuff)....

Thank you Brett Trapp - your courage inspires me.  Can I get a Roll Tide?

And to that first Lemonade Stand owner - you have inspired countless children!

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.

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