Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembering East Texas

This time of year I often think about our time of living in East Texas.


On our way to church in Mt. Pleasant there was this really tall tree (not like I see around here) and when it changed colors - the red was absolutely beautiful.  I would always say that I wanted a picture so I could remember that tree.  I never took one - Kerry mentioned that the memory in my heart might just be enough.

He was right.

I have those same colors in my back yard now.

Soon it will be a backyard with a patio.  I simply cannot wait!  I am learning a lesson in patience - which  I did not particularly ask for!  I was hoping our patio would be finished by October 1st.  Then I was hoping we would start by October 1st.  So November 1st was a bit soon - but we are on our way now!!!

I simply cannot wait! (Son Two is sitting on the steps and Kerry and I are on the right - I am in the pink shirt....)

Our time in East Texas was so very short.  I taught school in Gilmer and Kerry worked in Mt. Pleasant for Pilgrim's.  Our best friends in ET were Tom & Dixie and The Whites.  We have done a horrible job of keeping in touch - although with the connections with Facebook at least we have some contact.  

We learned about love in East Texas too.

We learned that it is about opening our hearts to new ways of worship and loving those who at first our different but in the end are just the same.

Over on the prepare2prosper site I mention that I grew up thinking my way of worship and what I believed was really the only right way.  I even told Kerry that I thought those people at that church had it all wrong.  Well those people at that church taught me once again about love.

We had fun going to church with Tom & Dixie and listening to Pastor White preach.  So glad that I went to God's word to figure out the "right or wrong" and did not close my personal door to learning more about God's love in a different place than I had learned before.  I would have missed out.

Have I written about Micah Drew?  He is the oldest son of Pastor White & Sister Teresa.  He lives in heaven now.  But we remember him each spring - we call fireflies "Micah Drews".  If I have written about our "Micah Drews" before - I haven't found the link!  But I will either find and share or write for the first time..... very soon.

Living in East Texas - the best of memories.... (picture of Don & Teresa White - borrowed from Donesa White Walker - their oldest daughter).

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.

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