Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Makes a Marriage Last.....

It was the evening nurse who said it best:

He sure loves his wife - you can tell.

The difference in my parents' lives is what their marriage is based upon.  They have been married since June 1, 1957.  They have been through much together.  My mom is from Nebraska - although she had found her way to Texas by the time they met.  They both graduated from North Texas (aka The University of North Texas) - my dad has a master degree in education and taught business before becoming a superintendent and my mom has an elementary education degree and a masters in library science.  I believe that my dad is the only one of 10 children of Fred and Ethel Cannon that has a college degree.  My mother's siblings have some post high school education - and she had 3 brothers and 4 sisters.

Christmas 2009

My mom lost her father in the late 60s (I am sorry that I cannot remember exactly when see note), my mom's mom spent the largest portion of her life in a nursing home in Madison Nebraska and in the last years - she was the one who helped with the other people at the home.  We have wonderful stories of her helping others and she left in the late 90s.  My dad's dad left earth on April 6, 1969 and my grandma followed him on August 8, 1995.

My dad has had health concerns since he was born (oh at home in their little country house right outside of Collinsville).  You however would never have known it because he did not tell others - and we were never really allowed to be sick when we were growing up.  But nonetheless - he has had several major surgeries - one in 1972, triple by-pass in 1991, cancer surgery around 1996 (I can only remember the picture of Sons and I am guessing how old they were....) - hospitals are not foreign to us but Dad sure likes to be home!

As I spent the night with them in his room at Harris Methodist this week (he was taken by ambulance from his home at 9:30am Monday morning, then to FW by another ambulance and at 9:30pm he finally made it to a hospital room just for him!)  - it was late and I hear my mom say:

Okay Bob it is your turn.

My dad - December 2011
Then he begins....

Dear heavenly father....  

My phone battery was dead or I would have been recording!  But the memory will suffice....

We thank you for these glimpses of you that we see....

My dad has dementia and words do not always flow freely but you would have never suspected as he opened his heart ....

Help us to love you more.

Yes.... my dad is still teaching me about Jesus (he said much more but those were the words I could not forget...).  And their marriage - it was my dad's turn to say their bedtime prayer.

Okay Kerry it is your turn.

Note - my Grandpa Adams went to heaven in January of 1969 and Grandma Adams in March of 1995 - yes the same years as my Cannon grandparents.

Always, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.

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