Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a Graduation present....

I am fairly decent at justifying things I want - I feel quite sure most of us are but anyway.... It is just the truth.  But as I get older and wiser - I have learned to make sure particularly where money is concerned.... So I thought I wanted an iPad.  Oh I wanted one but was it something I would use - could I justify the expense?

My first trip to the Apple store revealed that I thought an iPad was much like a bigger version of my iPhone - so would that really serve my purpose?

Oh that's a thought.... What is my purpose for having an iPad?

I started thinking about an iPad when I started realizing that I need to have my parents' medical history at my finger tips.  I have most of it in a note on my phone but let's be honest - that is okay but really not convenient.  So their medical history.... does that warrant an expense like an iPad and only to find out that it is only a bigger version of my phone..... Then I decided I would get an Apple lap top.  That really is an expense item to consider but consider I did.

Then I decided nevermind to both.

And then I thought of graduation..... After all I graduated with a doctorate - Kerry's parents sent me graduation money - my parents gave me graduation money - all I needed was some from Kerry!

BUT wait - what is the purpose of a new expense?
Medical histories at a glance - quickly. 
Access to cool apps

Well - not so sure I have a nice long list of purposes for an iPad but I do have an iPad and I am adding to those purposes daily.  One of the cool things I just discovered is the "bookstore" that comes on the iPad - and there are FREE books.  One of the books I downloaded was "How to use an iPad at work" - I don't use an iPad at work but there were some great ideas.  For example I love to have a "to do list".  Recently I created my own format - and carried it in my day planner.  If I could not replicate that idea on the iPad then I was losing ground.  After all if I have to carry my iPad AND my day planner each day then it seems pretty pointless.   App to the rescue!  While reading that free book - I found an app that allows me to write on a PDF.  So I used my same format that I had earlier in paper form - saved it as a PDF and I have been using it every day since!!!  It is amazing!

I LOVE my iPad and I love colors - typically I would get a black cover/case - but not this time - this Dr. got a bright green case - engraved with Dr. Cheryl Cannon Groves - Eucharisteo.

Eucharisteo - I wanted a reminder every day - every moment that I am using this wonderful piece of technology.  A reminder that it was because of God's Grace (oh I am thankful for that grace) - that I even had a graduation to celebrate.

And... my mom had a wireless keyboard that she was not using - so now I have a keyboard I can use at home with the iPad.  I even typed this blog on the iPad- such a fun time!

The app on the bottom set on the screen with the red daisy is the PDF app I was referring to - it may just be the coolest app ever!


May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

2 Corinthians 13:14.

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